Bravoure was founded by Kim and Patricia. We believe in a label
that makes collections inspired on aesthetics found in life, theatre and music. Bravoure is the place where we express our ideas - the place where we create
what we're passionate for in life.

Our collection carries both essentials and exclusives - we focus on individual expressions - to embrace the little moments you just feel special and enlighten
a bright spotlight when you're ready for. All pieces are created to bring a
little story or secret to your wardrobe.

Simultaneously we love to do related creative projects such as exhibitions,
shoots and styling. Our blog is where we share inspiration and projects.


We can create something special for the moments you will never forget,
the moments you want to shine, or say goodbye, the moments you will
celebrate life as never before.


We dress for editorials, movies, theatre and events.
We dress artists and bands. Please contact us at